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Song Submissions

The following songs have been submitted by club members.  Submissions are posted as received and not necessarily reviewed for correctness or readability.  Reports of posting errors can be directed to but corrections and readability issues will not be addressed.

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Singing the Blues

24-Oct-12 Tracy Woodard  

Miss Otis Regrets

  31-Jul-12 Ken Huie  

She Broke My Heart in Three Places

  26-Jul-12 Ken Huie Hoosier Hot Shots.

Somos El Barco (We Are the Boat)

  25-Jul-12 Michael DaSilva From 7/25/12 club meeting


  25-Jul-12 Michael DaSilva From 7/25/12 club meeting

My Guy

  25-Jul-12 Michael DaSilva From 7/25/12 club meeting

My Girl

  25-Jul-12 Michael DaSilva From 7/25/12 club meeting

It's a Sin to Tell a Lie - C

24-Jul-12 Tracy Woodard By Somethin' Smith and the Redheads In C with a special bridge/interlude

What's That Smell Like Fish

24-Jul-12 Tracy Woodard Blind Boy Fuller 1938

Disney Doo Dah

  28-Jun-12 Judy Eggleston Disney medley from SCUC

The Time Warp

  13-Jun-12   1973 Rocky Horror Picture Show

Little Red Riding Hood

  13-Jun-12   1966 - Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

On the Road Again

  4-Jun-12 Christopher Pickslay Willie Nelson

Make Me Down a Pallet On Your Floor

  4-Jun-12 Christopher Pickslay 16-bar blues

Upside Down

  8-May-12 Rommel Suratos Song by Jack Johnson

Star of Gladness

  24-Apr-12 Andy Gnall  

Kuu Home O Kahaluu

  24-Apr-12 Andy Gnall Song by Jerry Santos

It's Not Unusual

  11-Apr-12 Michael DaSilva As sung by Tom Jones

Crazy Words, Crazy Tune-Jim Kweskin version

  4-Apr-12 Stephen Nestel Crazy Words, Crazy Tune aka Washington at Valley Forge Jim Kweskin version

Mr. Crump's Blues

  2-Apr-12 Christopher Pickslay For the 1st odd wed jug band jam

Everybody Loves My Baby-Sheik of Araby medley

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 3/7 First Odd Wednesdays meeting

Swinging on a Star

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 3/7 First Odd Wednesdays meeting

Let It Be Me

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Hotel California

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Tell Everybody I Know

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Ghost Chickens in the Sky

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Worried Mind

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

For Lovin' Me

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Sunny Afternoon

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Angel Baby

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Sleep Walk

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

House of the Rising Sun

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

Then I Kissed Her

  10-Mar-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 2/22 meeting

1st Odd Wednesday Songs

  6-Mar-12 Stephen Nestel 1st Odd Wednesday Song Collection number one featuring blues and jug band tunes

Song Index 2-22-12

  22-Feb-12 Tracy Woodard As of the morning of 2/22/12

Hotel California v3

  20-Feb-12 Andy Gnall Hotel California by Eagles

Bye Bye Blackbird

  8-Feb-12 Michael McCourt Somewhat simplified but it covers all the main chord changes. Let your ear be your guide on when to use the optional chords.

Sea of Heartbreak

  8-Feb-12 Michael McCourt repeat measures between the double dots for the second verse, then continue to the end.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

  8-Feb-12 Michael McCourt The same 4 bars over and over. The vocal harmonies and group singing make the song.

Wild World by Cat Stevens

  7-Feb-12 Andy Gnall "Wild World" by Cat Stevens

He Went To Paris A v4

  7-Feb-12 Andy Gnall Jimmy Buffett song " He Went to Paris

St Louis Blues

  2-Feb-12 Tracy Woodard W.C. Handy's 1914 oft copied song

San Francisco Bay Blues

  26-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 1/25 club meeting

King of the Road

  26-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay From the 1/25 club meeting

I Want You

  26-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Andy brought this Dylan tune to the 1/25 club meeting. If you can't read my scrawl, the riff is 3rd fret-2nd fret-open on the G string, played at the end of the F, Dm, and Am bars in the intro and chorus.

Honolulu Baby

  26-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Andy brought this to the 1/25 club meeting

Walkin' After Midnight

  26-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Janet brought this nice Patsy Cline tune to the 1/25 club meeting

Willie And The Hand Jive

  26-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Patrick brought this to the 1/25 club meeting


  25-Jan-12 Andy Gnall Updated version v2

You Won't See Me C v2

  25-Jan-12 Andy Gnall Revised V2: You Won't See ME

Honolulu Baby - C v2

  24-Jan-12 Andy Gnall My updated version of Honolulu Baby

I Can See Clearly Now

  24-Jan-12 Jeanne Skybrook


  24-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Cat Stevens song from the January 11 club meeting. I added a chord change to the chorus, which sounded better to my ear.

Traveling Man

  24-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Ricky Nelson tune from the January 11 club meeting.

Rider in the Rain

  24-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Randy Newman tune from the January 11 club meeting.

Down in the Backpack

  24-Jan-12 Christopher Pickslay Handout from the January 11 club meeting. A take on Down On The Boardwalk.

I Want You Bob Dylan - F

  21-Jan-12 Andy Gnall Bob Dylan song "I Want You". the little Riff played over it is done on the top string as you strum the F, Am, and the Dm. strum the chord then do top "G" string 3 fret, 2 fret, Open, 2 fret. All chords in the intro get it (except the C chord)

BUC Hayward charts

  17-Jan-12 Pieter Hartsook An archive file with charts for the songs we'll play at the BUC Hayward meeting. Also some moveable chord shapes so we can learn to play chords in 2nd (and even 3rd) positions up the neck. Print these out and bring them to the meeting + a pencil!

Club23 handout Lyle Ryan

  14-Jan-12 Stephen Nestel Lyles Rockabilly show flyer

I'd like to live on the moon

  11-Jan-12 Alex Canto Great song from sesame street, as sung by Ernie I edited the chords from Chordie a bit, to make it easier and to match versions I saw played on youtube.

Brown Eyed Girl

  28-Dec-11 Janet Lenore In A - you'll have to fill in your own chord boxes if you need them. Sorry!

Jamaica Farewell in G

  28-Dec-11 Janet Lenore Jamaica Farewell - in G - 1st presented at BUC in Sept 2011 but in F

Proud Mary

  27-Dec-11 Amy Friedricks this arrangement includes the best parts of Tina Turner's & Creedence's versions together

medley shes not there-evil ways-venus

  27-Dec-11 Amy Friedricks 3 song medley -- mostly based on Am - D chord progression. are there others to add to this medley?

Jealous Hearted Me

  27-Dec-11 Amy Friedricks Carter Family classic -- 3 chords & great harmony

031-Its A Sin To Tell A Lie - F

  18-Dec-11 Andy Gnall This is a PDF version of the file mary posted last week

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeet

  15-Dec-11 Shelley Johnson Presented by Patrick

Run Rudolph, Run

  15-Dec-11 Shelley Johnson Presented by Patrick

Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire

  15-Dec-11 Shelley Johnson

Jingle Bell Rock

  14-Dec-11 Jeanne Skybrook We will do Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock together, moving seamlessly between them, Rockin' first into Jingle. May this also be in PDF format.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

  14-Dec-11 Jeanne Skybrook I was asked to repost as PDF so hopefully that is what I did. If not, sorry.

Feliz Navidad - C

  14-Dec-11 Andy Gnall Feliz Navidad in Key of C.

Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think

  13-Dec-11 Michael Levin


  13-Dec-11 Mary Gribbin It's a Sin to Tell a Lie in the key of F. A better key (for me to sing) than I originally wrote it up in. Hope you agree. Slight change of chords as well.

grandma got run over by a reindeer

  13-Dec-11 Stephen Nestel "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"

Christmas Island

  13-Dec-11 Michael Levin

Jingle Bell Rock

  12-Dec-11 Jeanne Skybrook

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

  12-Dec-11 Jeanne Skybrook "The Solstice Carol" sung to the tune of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" courtesy of the San Francisco Ukulele Rebellion meetup group

The Solstice Carol

  8-Dec-11 Stephen Nestel

turkey in straw page 2

  23-Nov-11 Vickie VanFechtmann turkey in straw page 2

turkey in the straw

  23-Nov-11 Vickie VanFechtmann turkey in the straw page 1

We'll Meet Again

  17-Nov-11 Sarah Rogerson "We'll Meet Again" is one of the most famous songs of WWII. Made famous by British singer Vera Lynn, it is featured in the final scene of Stanley Kubrick's 1964 film "Dr. Strangelove", and in the 1986 BBC serial "The Singing Detective."

Autum Leaves

  8-Nov-11 Mary Gribbin Jazzy, intermediate (FYI it is a microsoft word document, print only page 1!)

Berkeley Holiday Songbook 2011

  7-Nov-11 Stephen Nestel Here is the Berkeley Holiday Songbook 2011 (v1) for your pleasure. We will be performing selections in holiday events this year. Feel free to submit additional song suggestions. This is your club. Have fun!

werewolves of london

  26-Oct-11 Stephen Nestel Fun Halloween song-now on one page.

With Just Four Strings

  26-Oct-11 Shelley Johnson With Just Four Strings presented by Leonard Cooper.

Xmas Songbook By Corktown Uke club

  26-Oct-11 Stephen Nestel Another Xmas songbook from the Bytown Ukulele Club of Canada.

Monster Mash

  26-Oct-11 Stephen Nestel Monster mash.. a graveyard smash. Classic duwop Halloween Song now on one page

Dream - F

  26-Oct-11 Jane Skoler Dream is a beautiful little ditty... everyone's covered it, but the Dinah Washington version is my favorite. Works swing or reggae style (just what composer Johnny Mercer had in mind, I'm sure).

Candy Man (The)

  26-Oct-11 Jane Skoler The Candy Man can! This is the Sammy Davis, Jr./Willy Wonka song, not the (also excellent) Roy Orbison song.

Purple People Eater

  23-Oct-11 Stephen Nestel Flying Purple People eater-fun Halloween Novelty Song


  15-Oct-11 Stephen Nestel Christmas Party Mix Songbook

DUHChristmas Uke Songbook

  15-Oct-11 Stephen Nestel Dallas Ukulele Headquarters Christmas Songbook


  12-Oct-11 Lyle Ryan Released in 1973 by Johnny Russell.


  12-Oct-11 Lyle Ryan Released in 1954 by Terry Fell, with Buck Owens on harmony.


  12-Oct-11 Lyle Ryan Jambalaya by Hank Williams. Released in 1952, stayed #1 on the U.S. Country charts for 14 weeks.


  11-Oct-11 Andy Gnall It's a moon theme, right? ... Here is "Dancing in the Moonlight" another one of my favorites, that I just learned!


  10-Oct-11 Andy Gnall This is a favorite of mine. "Heard it in a Love Song" by Marshall Tucker Band

Moonlight Lady

  10-Oct-11 Andy Gnall Moonlight Lady done by Gabby Pahinui. I have two different formats page 1 and page 2 just slightly different. I found a few variations on the song, and have a hybrid here.

Knock Three Times - D

  9-Oct-11 Jane Skoler OMG, I love this song! It's in 4/4 time except for a couple of phrases in the chorus, where you play the G for six beats instead of the usual four.


  9-Oct-11 Jane Skoler Word version of Blue Hawaii--feel free to use this as a template when making charts if you like. It's basically just a big ol' table in Word. Just replace the text with your own.

Blue Hawaii - G

  9-Oct-11 Jane Skoler Blue Hawaii in the key of G, a more girl-friendly singing key. :-)

You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

  26-Sep-11 Jane Skoler By Cole Porter.


  26-Sep-11 Jane Skoler Recorded by Eddy Arnold and Patsy Cline (among many others). Written by Herbert "Happy" Lawson.

HALLELUJAH by Leonard Cohen

  23-Sep-11 Carol Wagers

I Will Be the One

  19-Sep-11 Andy Gnall This is a song by Aaron Keim, off his new CD The Quiet American Vol.II. I talked to Aaron, and he gave his permission to share this with the group. It's a great song, listen to it once and you won't get it out of your head.


  14-Sep-11 El Jefe Here's another Richard G song that I think has some great sounding chords. I think we have some beautiful voices that could have a great time with this one

Have_You_Ever_Seen_The Rain

  14-Sep-11 El Jefe Australian Richard G has an incredible source of songs for the Ukulele. I have printed and played many of them. I think Richard has a great ear. He had a business trip last year, stopped by my house to play with some buddies and then went to WCUF.

Stray Cat Strut

  14-Sep-11 El Jefe Here's a version of Stray Cat Strut that has been a lot of fun to play and sing everywhere I go.

Keep on the Sunnyside

  14-Sep-11 Janet Lenore boom-CHUCK kinda beat in key of A

HEY GOOD LOOKING by Hank Williams

  13-Sep-11 Carol Wagers ez tune, fun to sing


  13-Sep-11 Carol Wagers I watched the 9/11 commemmoration & heard Paul Simon sing this. It's an old favorite of mine. Hope you like this effort of mine.

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