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Standard Features

  • Book-matched 2-piece top and back with matching sides

  • Hand-shaped, quartersawn Honduras mahogany neck

  • Ebony or rosewood fretboard

  • 15 fret minimum, extended fretboard

  • Fret position markers at 3,5,7,10 and 12 fret  positions

  • Matching side fret position marker dots

  • Peghed 4:1 geared tuners

  • Hand-rubbed UV-cured polyester finish


I have successfully built great sounding ukuleles with a  variety of woods.  Koa and mahogany are popular choices but you should browse the Photo Gallery to see the many examples.   I only use the highest quality, quartersawn tonewoods for instrument tops, backs, sides and necks.   For koa instruments, I generally use a 3A or better grade.   And wood upgrades are definitely  available as I have extensive stocks of very curly master grade koa,  curly and Honduras mahogany, various rosewoods, ziricote, primavera, mango,  fiddleback and quilted maple and other exotic woods.  Sitka and Adirondack spruce, Spanish cedars, salvage Douglas fir and salvage redwood is available for especially good sounding tops.   I can email photos of specific wood sets for  your approval as part of the custom instrument ordering process.

Base Prices

Pricing is calculated on a base price for each body size and style, then additional charges for upgrades in wood and decorative elements.

Size Body Style Base Price
Soprano Martin $1000.00
Soprano 1890 Dias reproduction $1800.00
Soprano 1890 Santo reproduction $2000.00
Concert DaSilva or Martin $1500.00
Tenor DaSilva or Martin $2500.00
Baritone DaSilva or Martin $3000.00
Soprano Pineapple $1000.00
Concert Pineapple $1500.00


Decorative upgrades are priced according to the following guidelines.    These are only guidelines, quotes will be provided for specific instruments.  Price ranges reflect size and design variations.

Option Typical Price Range
Wood upgrade to master grade top, back and sides $100.00-$200.00
Plastic binding  and purfling on top, back and sound-hole rosette $150.00-$250.00
Wood binding and purfling on top, back and sound-hole rosette $150.00-$250.00
Abalone rosette and top purfling. $100.00-$300.00
Simple peghead inlay (abalone, mother-of-pearl, wood, etc.) $100.00-$200.00
Decorative or pin bridge $150.00
Radiused fingerboard $150.00
Peghed brand 4:1 geared tuners (4-string) $100.00
Slotted peghead with Waverly or Gotoh Stealth tuners $250.00
Mi-Si, Fishman, and B-Band transducers and active pre-amps(various models available) $120.00-$500.00


I believe in 100% customer satisfaction.  If for ANY reason that the original owner of a DaSilva Ukulele Co. instrument is EVER dissatisfied with the product, I will repair, replace or provide a partial or full refund as is appropriate.  Of course, neglect, abuse or accident is not covered.


Please order by phone or email.   I look forward to discussing your requirements. A deposit of 25% of the purchase price is required to confirm an order and provide you with an estimated delivery date.  Payment can be by cash, check, credit card or Paypal. Balance of purchase price is due prior to delivery.  California sales tax will be added when applicable.  Shipping and handling is extra.  Model availability, components, descriptions and prices are subject to change without notice.

DaSilva Ukulele Co.      2547-8th Street #28, Berkeley, California 94710      510-649-1548      info@ukemaker.com

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