Azo Bell
Ukulele Workshop & Concert

Afternoon Workshop
Sunday August 21, 2016
Afternoon Workshop      3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Mini Concert                  5:00 pm
$25 at the door for both, $10 concert only.


I met Azo Bell in 2002 in New Jersey, attending my first ukulele festival.  I will always remember his stage performance, getting sounds and tones I never thought possible out of his soprano ukulele.  Of course, I wished to play like him, but I was still very much a beginner.  So, I bought all his CDs and those of his band "The Old Spice Boys" at the time.  They have been a staple in my music collection.  And I knew at the time that it might be some time before I would get to see him perform again as Azo resides in Australia.

Well, Azo Bell has finally made it back to the United States.  He'll be touring California, visiting the Santa Cruz Saw Festival, and playing various dates on the West and East Coasts.  But mainly, he'll be here at DaSilva Ukulele on August 21, 2016.

Azo will also be sharing his musical knowledge with us in an afternoon workshop.  As Azo himself puts it, it will be a workshop for all levels, and not about any single song, single technique or single aspect but all about musicianship.  Hope you can join us.

I would guess most of you are not familiar with Azo or the Old Spice Boys, here are some videos to get you acquainted:

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